Srikanth “Sree” Punukula, PE
Srikanth “Sree” Punukula, PEVice President/Principal
As a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, Mr. Punukula directs public works engineering design projects and brings more than 25 years of extensive design and project management experience to KIT Professionals, Inc. Sree Punukula PE leads a group of professional engineers providing civil engineering expertise for water, sanitary sewer and paving, and drainage system planning and design.

 Sunil Kommineni, PhD, PE, BCEE, CWO
Sunil Kommineni, PhD, PE, BCEE, CWOVice President - Water Quality/Treatment
Dr. Kommineni serves as Vice President and leads the firm’s water quality/treatment practice. He has over 20 years of experience in the planning, process selection, pilot testing, preliminary engineering, and process design of water and wastewater facilities for municipal and industrial clients. His expertise includes drinking water and wastewater treatment systems for conventional and advanced processes, distribution system water quality and hydraulics, water resources planning for source water and reuse, and industrial and energy related water and wastewater treatment and disposal.  He has published more than 100 articles, conference papers, and reports of his research. Dr. Kommineni has a PhD in Chemical/Environmental Engineering and is a Board Certified Environmental Engineer.

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Our Valuable Team Members

Michael Lacy, PE,
Michael Lacy, PE, Vice President
Mr. Michael D. Lacy, PE is a Vice President at KIT Professionals, Inc. and has over 30 years of project management, engineering design, and construction management experience for municipal infrastructure projects. He has worked closely with the City of Houston, Harris County, Metro and other area municipalities.  Mr. Lacy has managed and designed numerous infrastructure improvement projects including Rebuild Houston projects, Neighborhood Street Reconstruction (NSR) projects, and Storm Water Management Projects (SWMP). These Projects included major roadway improvements, bridges, storm sewer systems, wastewater collection systems, water distribution systems, and regional detention facilities.

Chetan M. Vyas, PE
Chetan M. Vyas, PEVice President - Construction Management/Principal
Chetan Vyas PE brings leadership, project expertise and over 30 years of experience to KIT clients. He serves as a Vice President over construction management and inspection services. Mr. Vyas has an extensive background in engineering, program management, and construction management on transit projects, building construction / rehabilitation, large diameter water lines, utility relocation, pump stations, and water treatment systems.

Yongki Shim, PHD, PE
Yongki Shim, PHD, PEProject Manager
As a Project Manager at KIT, Dr. Shim’s experience includes providing engineering advisory services in surface water treatment plant projects, improvements of water infrastructure, construction of potable water lines, and water treatment methods. Other experience includes drinking and distribution water quality evaluation, residuals hydraulic analysis, bench and pilot scale testing, sample analysis using multiple analytical instruments, and evaluating data ensuring QA/QC compliance. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer in Texas and is celebrating his 12th year with the firm and has become a key team member with projects relating to water treatment.