Project Description

Client: City of Houston

Location: Houston, Texas

The project included the evaluation of the rehabilitation/replacement of the non-potable water system, chlorine contact basin hydraulics, aeration basin drains, secondary clarifiers and need to add an additional clarifier, belt press polymer feed system, replacement of the gates for the chlorine contact basin and old aeration basins, rehabilitation of the grit removal system, alternatives for providing dissolved oxygen control for coarse bubble aeration system, improvements to the influent lift station, repairs to the leaking air distribution system, add motor operators to all clarifier gate. As a subconsultant, KIT conducted an evaluation of the non-potable water system and made recommendations to improve the performance of the system. The project included the modeling of the non-potable water system distribution system to determine necessary improvements, evaluation of demands, evaluation of pumping systems, and preliminary design of the non-potable water system.

3 Key Factors/Benefits to Client:

  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Non-potable Water System