Project Description

KIT provided value engineering services and is providing construction administration services for the rehabilitation, process improvements and flood protection project at the Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant. The lowest bid submitted for the project, designed by another engineering firm, was $20.5 million and exceeded the authorized project budget by $4.0 million. Working together, Baytown, the Contractor and KIT were able to evaluate the construction documents and find $4.2 million in savings while maintaining the intent of the project. KIT redesigned portions of the project and obtained an additional $400,000 in savings.

The improvements include construction of a new Administration Building, new Blower Building, new Dewatering Building, new Disinfection Building, new bar screen and grit removal system, non-potable water system, plant drain pump station, and sludge pump stations along with the rehabilitation of the clarifiers effluent lauders and replacement of the gravity thickener mechanism.