Project Description

KIT provide engineering services for the rehabilitation and replacement of 40 surface aerators at the 180-MGD wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). The original five aeration basin reactors were designed for a pure oxygen system using surface aerators to both mix the reactor contents and introduce oxygen or air into the process. The pure oxygen system has been abandoned and air blowers are now used to create a positive air pressure in the reactor head space. The reliability and efficiency of the existing surface aerators has declined and continuous mechanical failures limit the effectiveness of the system.
KIT evaluated alternatives to rehabilitate or replace the existing surface aerators and provided final design services to replace all 40 surface aerators. In addition, KIT evaluated the existing process treatment, with staggered low and high horsepower aerators in each train and recommended an alternate design with higher horsepower aerators at the head of the treatment process tapering to lower horsepower aerators at the end.
Other KIT design work associated with the project included the design of an elevated concrete platform, with canopy cover, for the flood protection of new blowers. KIT also rehabilitated the Motor Control Center (MCC) building serving the influent headworks building and the 40 surface aerators. The improvements included raising the MCC interior floors and exterior access doors while maintaining the existing structural fa├žade and foundation.