Project Description

Baytown Area Water Authority

Fritz Lanham Surface Water Treatment Plant Chemical Facilities Improvements Project

Baytown, Texas

The Baytown Area Water Authority (BAWA) Fritz Lanham Surface Water Treatment Plant, commissioned in 1981, is a 26-million gallon per day conventional coagulation/flocculation/sedimentation/filtration   process facility. Disinfection is accomplished using chloramination.

Several of the plant’s chemical storage and feed systems are approaching the end of their service life and require replacement. BAWA selected KIT Professionals, Inc. to provide professional engineering services to perform capacity and condition assessments and to plan, design, and oversee the construction of improvements to all chemical storage and feed system. The project also includes the replacement of a forebay liner, improvements to a raw water pipeline, and the addition of lime slurry and liquid ammonium sulfate storage and feed systems.

Project Highlights

  • The comprehensive chemical system capacity and condition evaluation provided a roadmap for improvements that support reliable plant operation for the full range of demands and operating conditions.
  • The addition of a lime slurry storage and feed system will enhance efficient plant operation by providing pH and alkalinity adjustment for optimal pretreatment and corrosion control while reducing the use of sodium hydroxide and chemical costs.
  • Substitution of the use of liquid ammonium sulfate for gaseous anhydrous ammonia that is currently fed for chloramine formation at the plant will provide significant safety and operational and maintenance advantages.
  • Elevating raw water piping will eliminate issues with pipe, valve, and meter corrosion and make access to instrumentation and control elements safer and more convenient.

Services Provided

Condition and Capacity Evaluations · Preliminary and Final Design · Construction Phase Commissioning and Start-up