Project Description

Location: Houston, Texas

The City of Houston operates over 420 lift stations within a service area that covers over 650 square miles. The preservation of the numerous lift stations requires a continual cycle of capital projects to rehabilitate or replace the aging infrastructure. KIT has participated in the rehabilitation or replacement of over 20 lift stations for the City of Houston in the past five years

The projects include a full spectrum of engineering services including the preparation of a consolidation study which evaluates alternatives for the elimination/consolidation of the lift station, preparation of a preliminary engineering report outlining the rehabilitation, replacement or elimination alternatives, detailed design, and construction administration services. KIT has performed these services for lift stations ranging in capacity from 0.4 to 12.3 million gallons per day.

3 Key Factors/Benefits to Client:

  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Condition Assessment
  • Collection System Lift Stations