Project Description



Location: Houston, Texas

The project involves the construction of Guided Rapid Transit (GRT) primarily within existing street rights-of-way. This project would improve mobility, accessibility, and system linkages. The Southeast corridor is approximately 6.8 miles in length, extending from downtown Houston to Palm Center on Griggs and MLK Boulevard through the University of Houston. As a subconsultant to LAN, KIT provided traffic engineering services for Segment 1A, Segment 1B, Segment 1C, Segment 2A, Segment 2B, Segment 3A, Segment 3B, Segment 4A and the storage yard. KIT conducted a field inventory of existing conditions including typical roadway cross-sections, roadway and intersection pavement markings, intersection traffic control, intersection lane use, pedestrian facilities, and unusual roadway features. KIT evaluated existing traffic conditions and developed traffic control plans per the City of Houston/TxDOT design guidelines and in accordance with the procedures described in the Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  KIT coordinated and obtained approvals from the City of Houston, TxDOT, and County Traffic Management and Maintenance Divisions. KIT prepared the specifications, quantity take-off’s, and cost estimates for traffic control plan items. KIT prepared street lighting plans.