Project Description

Houston Public Works

Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant Flood Projects

Houston, Texas

The City of Houston Southwest Wastewater Treatment Plant is located along Brays Bayou at 4211 Beechnut Street, Houston, Texas. Very intense rain began falling Monday evening, May 25, 2015, on an already saturated Brays Bayou watershed and continued for several hours. Rainfall in several parts of the watershed exceeded the 100-year rates and volumes. Because the ground was wet, stormwater immediately ran off instead of soaking in, and the underground drainage systems and streets filled quickly. The facility is protected by a flood wall that is one-foot above the 1% annual chance flood event. The flood wall was insufficient to hold back the rising bayou and the facility was inundated with flood waters resulting in an estimated $40,000,000 in damages.

Project Highlights

  • Mobilized technical personnel to perform a walkthrough of the entire facility to confirm and capture damage caused by the unusual rain event
  • Conducted an assessment of the mechanical components and prepared a technical memorandum with line-by-line descriptions to document pre and post storm condition of the facility including approximate or estimated cost of damage
  • Determined repair/replacement alternatives for damaged assets and associated costs
  • Evaluated hardening/mitigation alternatives to improve or protect assets from a future flood event which is to have major (critical) assets above the 500 year flood level

Services Provided

Hydraulic and Condition Assessments · Process Evaluations · Cost Estimating