Project Description

Clients: Klotz Associates Inc. / City of Houston

Location: Houston, Texas

As a Team Member, KIT assisted in the development of the City of Houston’s Storm Water Evaluation and Enhancement Tool (SWEET). This project is an important initiative to improve local and regional storm water management for the City of Houston, requiring the development of a framework for collecting and comparing GIS based data, developing matrix and parameters in ArcGIS for identifying and ranking regions in need of critical drainage infrastructure improvements (candidates for pre-engineering analysis). KIT is assisting with evaluations related to applying the basin development factor to some of the recently completed pre-engineering reports. As a subconsultant to other companies, KIT has recently completed storm water pre-engineering services for several City of Houston designated Storm Drainage Need Areas comprised of a total of approximately 800 acres and prepared pre-engineering reports summarizing evaluation of existing drainage limitations/deficiencies, identification of critical areas within these Need Areas and development of alternative drainage solutions that are both cost-effective and functional. These alternatives were further evaluated by service area benefit factors and candidate project priority scores, developed based on the City of Houston Capital Improvement Plans Process Manual Criteria.

3 Key Factors/Benefits to Client:

  • Pre-Engineering reports
  • Stormwater Management
  • Stormwater Infrastructure


2011 Texas CEC Engineering Excellence Award for the City of Houston’s Storm Water Evaluation and Enhancement Tool (SWEET)