Project Description

Houston Public Works

Surface Water Transmission Program 108-inch Diameter Northeast Water Transmission Line

Houston, Texas

The purpose of this project and its 108-inch diameter water transmission lines is to transmit treated surface water from the expanded Northeast Water Purification Plant to the Acres Homes Pump Station and to supply water to regional water authorities to meet the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District mandates. KIT has been involved in five segments of this project. KIT is currently designing approximately 1.4 miles of 108-inch diameter water transmission line from Milner Road to Aldine Westfield Road with a major channel crossing across Greens Bayou. KIT is a key design team member of four other 108-inch diameter water transmission line segments (John Ralston Road to Bellow Falls Road, 10,000 LF; Vickery Drive to Milner Street, 8,700 LF; Aldine Westfield Rd to Greendale, 8,400 LF; and Greendale to Imperial Valley Drive 6,400 LF).

Project Highlights

  • Coordination with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Harris County Flood Control District for approvals for several channel crossings
  • Facilitating with Harris County Engineering, Aldine Independent School District, adjoining businesses, pipeline companies, private utility companies, and local municipal utility districts

Services Provided
Final Design and Construction Phase Services · CAD Design · Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans