Project Description

Houston Public Works

Westbury Drainage and Paving Improvements

Houston, Texas

KIT is providing professional engineering services for the design of a  reconstruction of a residential neighborhood in the Westbury Super Neighborhood located in southwest Houston. The Westbury project area is bounded by Chimney Rock Road on the east, Willow Waterhole Bayou on the north, Landsdowne Drive on the west, and West Airport Boulevard on the south. The preliminary analysis of the existing drainage determined that the streets and the storm sewer system do not effectively convey stormwater to Willow Waterhole Bayou. In addition to replacing over 10,000 linear feet of concrete curb and gutter streets, the preliminary storm sewer design indicates the need for  for dual 6-ft x 5-ft reinforced concrete box sections  within the right-of-way  of Landsdowne Drive starting at West Airport Boulevard that increase to dual 8-ft x 5-ft reinforced concrete box sections before outfalling to Willow Waterhole Bayou. Also, new 18, 27, and 30-inch diameter sanitary sewers are proposed for the project along with new 8-inch diameter water lines

Project Highlights

  • Providing preliminary engineering, final design, and  construction phase services for this high-profile project to correct drainage issues.
  • Innovative use of underground detention to reduce flooding.

Services Provided

Hydraulic and Hydrology Analysis · Utility Design · Pavement Design