KIT understands today’s needs for getting drainage roadways and bridges in place and managing these vital infrastructures. KIT’s paving and drainage engineers possess technical capabilities to offer client-focused and responsive project delivery.KIT is uniquely qualified to assist our clients in their on-going effort to address drainage problems, structural flooding, and storm system capacity issues. KIT has been exposed to all phases of storm drainage and paving projects starting from prioritization of design of these kinds of projects to pre-engineering, final design, and construction. KIT has designed numerous detention basins and storm water pumping stations. KIT’s staff has extensive experience in dynamic 2D modeling and Hydrology & Hydraulic modeling software (XPSWMM, HouStorm, HEC-RAS/HMS). We approach roadway improvement projects with a complete street and context sensitive focus, i.e., designing and infrastructure to accommodate current and future needs. KIT works collaboratively with stakeholders such as Home Owner Associations (HOA) and local businesses to both satisfy the functional needs of the project and incorporate design characteristics that are more in-tune with the surrounding community.

Areas of Expertise

  • Storm and Paving Project Prioritization
  • Pre-engineering Studies
  • Hydrology &Amp; Hydraulic Studies
  • Determination of Project Layout and Geometry Including Grading and Cross Sections for Paving Projects
  • Preliminary Engineering Report Preparation
  • Evaluation of Existing Utilities and Potential Conflicts
  • Drainage System and Paving Final Design
  • Traffic Control Plans


  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Coordination with Urban Foresters for Tree Protection Plans
  • Design of Signage and Paving Markings
  • Preparation of Engineering Drawings
  • Preparation of Project Manual Including Contract Documents and Technical Specifications
  • Assistance with Bidding Phase
  • Permitting, Construction Management and Inspection