KIT’s transportation professionals are dedicated to developing comprehensive mobility programs to help move people and goods whether it is by land, sea or air safely, effectively and efficiently. We know the importance of transportation in our lives and communities and view transportation as a means to improve our quality of life and apply sustainable developments that provide lasting results to economic and environmental conditions.

KIT’s team is dedicated to help you develop customized projects that go above and beyond standard transportation activities. These projects are deeply integrated into the environment in a sensitive and creative manner that contributes to the livelihood of our communities, enhances the aesthetics of our roadways, and promotes the quality of our environment.

KIT offers a range of Traffic and Transportation best practices:

  • Traffic Engineering Studies
  • Traffic Engineering Design
  • Capacity Analysis (Level of Service)
  • Geometric and Traffic Management
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Signage and Pavement Markings
  • Construction Sequences
  • Traffic Signal and Communication Design
  • Traffic Signal Timing, Coordination, and Optimization
  • Street Lighting Plans